Anonymous announce revenge of TPB raids with cyberattacks against big corporations through #OpPirateBay….

Image (41) The Anonymous, The Alchemist, The Right to Information and #OpPirateBay The hacktivist collective today took to Pastebin to announce their cyberwar against the big corporations, whom they alleged to have strong armed the Swedish police to raid The Pirate Bay data center in Nacka, Sweden.  Taking offence at the police raid on unarmed computer geeks manning the servers, the Anonymous acknowledged that one crew member of TPB was arrested in the raid. Drawing parallels with the Alchemists of yore, the Anonymous sought to justify the need of information dissemination and everyone right to it.

They also noted in the paste that they were not against the anti piracy groups or advocates but against big corporations who, they say pour money and resources to stop the dissemination of information. Alleging that governments all over the world were more interested in fattening their purses from the money that these big corporations give them, they said that the government and big corporations were pursuing own hidden agenda for making money and personal gains. Sounding the bugle of cyber attack on such corporations who reject the ideal of freedom of information under a operation called #OpPirateBay, the Anonymous warned them of big attacks in days to come. The paste was signed of with their now famous signature tagline, Image (98)

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.


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