GPS in Human Brain…

Aleem Siddiqui


How do we know where what is and which place is that and what a direction to reach them? Today I would like to thank the power of computer technology. we no longer need to ask a passer-by where a given place because we have a Google map so go on it search them and find all direction of given place but how does the human brain do all this even before computer technology, we have also such type facility even all living being do this because only we have a technology but how other living being do this. The all living being stored such information in out brain and recall when he needs it.

Research of three sciencetist John O’Keefe at the university College London, UK, May Britt Moser and her husband, both from Trondheim Norway.  John O’Keefe began working in the area of how the brain controls behavior…

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