The Large Hadron Collider, Which Helped Discovering Higgs-Boson, Could Help Understand Dark Matter…

Aleem Siddiqui

The Large Hadron Collider, built by European Organisation of Nuclear Research (CERN) could help physicists understand dark matter, which has remained a mystery in the universe. And what’s more, it could possibly help discover a particle more fascinating than the Higgs Boson. The collider which is also the world’s largest atom smasher, has undergone major upgrades that could restart at a beam energy substantially higher, that aims at explaining why nature predicts matter to antimatter.


The collider is already credited for helping discover the Higgs Boson, which explains how objects have mass. According to reports, there is a possibility to find supersymmetric matter. Supersymmetry is an extension of standard model of physics that aims to fill in gaps about how scientists understand matter. According to supersymmetry, all particles have a counterpart that is heavier, and experts believe that if these partner particles are there, the Large Hadron…

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