Japan Builds Real and Working Transformer Robot – J-deite Quarter

Aleem Siddiqui


Two hobbyists from Japan have made an awesome transforming robot called J-deite Quarter. This is named so because of it’s one fourth of its final planned size. This Transformer robot can walk in robot form and, when in sports car from, it can drive around on its own.


This robot is made by Brave Robots and Asratec Corp., who teamed up with original Transformer creator Tomy Co. Ltd. Mashable writes: “J-deite Transformer robot, a one-quarter-scale autobot that starts as humanoid, bipedal robot and transforms into a tiny, roughly 3-foot-long sports car.”


The Transformer robot is small in size and you can’t drive it now at the current stage of its development. Transformer robot has got some definite traits of the Trasformer and the looks of Optimus Prime. The specifications of the robot are:
Height in robot mode or length in vehicle mode: 1.3 m
Weight of robot: 35 kg

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