Google’s Boston Dynamics is Introducing WildCat Quad-Ruped Robot Sprints at 16mph Outside….

Aleem Siddiqui

WildCat (1)

The world-record breaking Cheetah robot was first unveiled by robotics firm Boston Dynamics in 2012, with the quadruped bot managing to break the land-speed record set by humans, running at speeds of up to 29.3 mph (beating Usain Bolt’s record  of27.9mph).

However, the manic sprinter was restrained by hydraulic pumps powering its legs and tethering it to a treadmill. Now Boston Dynamics have released a video of Cheetah’s successor – the WildCat. Although it’s only half as fast as Cheetah (reaching speeds of 16mph) WildCat is completely free-roaming, and is the latest addition to the military-funded company’s roster of ground-breaking robots.

WildCat (1)

Boston Dynamics is also the team responsible for BigDog and LS3 – quadruped robots designed to act as mules for infantry by carrying heavy equipment across difficult terrain. On-board cameras track its human ‘owner’ and the bot follows automatically behind. CNET recently reported that the LS3 is currently being…

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