Curiosity Finds Life Giving Nitrogen on Mars….

Aleem Siddiqui


Mars has been the center of quite a wonder for a long time. Every now and then speculations were raised that there indeed was some life on that planet ages ago. Many news articles were published claiming that researchers have finally found water reservoirs under the marsian land. But now the curiosity rover (probably the only movin thing on planet Mars) has confirmed the presence of Nitrogen further making it possible to think about colonizing Mars in near future. Tests got by NASA’s Curiosity meanderer on Mars have been investigated and indicated to contain nitrogen aggravates, that are a wellspring of supplements for living things.


Scientists have been scouring Mars for indications of natural carbon, however they’ve now found indications of nitrates at three ranges on the Red Planet—Rocknest, John Klein and Cumberland. The destinations were gone by amid a makeshift route from the wanderer’s primary mission to visit Mount Sharp. The…

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