Superhuman Robots With Artificial Muscles: A Reality….

No matter what Hollywood tells us about killer robots chasing us and tearing us limb from limb, the reality is that; pound for pound, robots are nowhere near as strong as humans. Until now that is. Now there is a distinct possibility that in the future, there will be superhuman robots with artificial muscles.

A team at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a robot artificial muscle which is incredibly close to real muscle.

robot vs human

Human vs. Robot

As it stands now, robots have a very distinct way of moving (think of the robot dance). Humans move in with a smooth fluid motion. The reason humans can maintain such control over our movements comes down to our muscles which produce force and motion. The longer a muscle stretches, the more weight it can support and the more control of movement it allows.

Artificial muscles have been developed, used and studied for many years now. The relationship between artificial muscles and prosthetic limbs is forever marching forward. However, scientists have only ever been able to develop an artificial muscle that stretches up to three times its original length. This poses serious problems when it comes to strength and control. The average robot can only lift objects half of its weight….


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