How to Remove Passwords From RAR Files?

Create a New Archive File Without Password Restriction

As a password can be set to protect the file from unauthorized access, when the file is double-clicked, the user is prompted to enter a password. But if you entered a wrong password, the file remains locked. Well, you can remove the password restrictions on RAR files by creating a new archive file.

1. Double-click the RAR file to open.
2. Enter the password when prompted. The contents of the file are then extracted.
3. Right-click the extracted file and click “Add to Archive.” The “Archive Name and Parameters” window launches.
4. Click the “Advanced” tab and then click “Set Password.”
5. Empty any text in the both password boxes in the Set Password window.
6. Click the “OK” button to save the settings. A new RAR archive file is created without a password.


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